Your College Major Doesn't Matter

In my experience, if a college student admits that he or she is a liberal arts major, there is instantly a stigma associated with that person. “Oh, you’re a liberal arts major. What exactly are you going to do with that when you graduate?” The answer most liberal arts majors answer is “I don’t know.” But, let’s face it, every other student majoring in a non-liberal arts major answers that question the same way. You really just don’t know.

It may be more difficult for liberal arts majors to find a full-time job after graduation, but a new study shows that over a span of time, liberal arts majors are actually making the same amount of, or more, money than those who studied more professional fields. Intriguing right? Read the article from Inside Higher Ed here: Liberal Arts Grads Win Long Term

The beauty of a liberal arts education is that you get a very broad education; you’re not just focused on one subject. Additionally, liberal arts majors learn good communication skills and are taught to think critically. These qualities are exactly what employers are looking for when they hire and most liberal arts programs focus heavily on these areas in their instruction.

The key to finding the right job or internship is not solely based on your major. The key is to seek diversity in your activities. Liberal arts majors are not limited to participating in activities close to what they’re studying. And neither are professional majors. Employers are seeking students who have participated in a variety of activities.

Today, employers ARE hiring across majors. Employers hire people based on their experiences and skills, and not just based on what they studied in undergraduate or graduate school. A great example of this is The AroundCampus Group’s internship program. We hire over 650 interns every year for four different departments from majors across the board. Our internships offer ways to excel in many different areas: sales and marketing, customer service, and design and copy editing, but our internships are not limited to business and marketing majors. We hire based on students’ diverse experiences: internships, elective courses, leadership positions, on-campus activities, volunteer work, etc. For more information on our internships, please visit, our Internships page.

 It doesn’t matter the major a student chooses. What matters is the knowledge a student can earn by participating in a wide range of activities outside of classes. Regardless of your major, the key to success in the job market is to promote yourself with a diverse array of experiences. 

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