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We’re passionate, fresh college-enthusiasts dedicated to connecting the campus community. Meet Everyone

Abby Anderson
Virginia Bane
Ali Beaupre
Anna Bowland
Denita Braswell
Joe Bright
Alexandria Clayton
Tiera Cross
Nate Curtis
Lauren Dearmore
Madisson DeLisle
Samantha Dennis
Kelsey diGirolamo
Natalie Dobkins
Leanna Doty
Neely Droessler
Jacqueline Dunn
Keri Efird
Cristina Espinoza
Julianna Evans
Libby Frost
Miranda Gardner
Alex Gates
Sade Gilbert
Sean Guy
Rachel Hanley
John Hardy
Rebecca Harris
Sherry Holt
Alex Howard
Josh Jones
Sean Kelly
Melissa Klein
Brienna Lacey
Bryan Lauer
Anthony Martin
Ron McGill
Jerome McLean
Rob Moody
Hannah Morgan
Chris Muckey
John O'Brien
Teddy O'Connell
Kade O'Connor
Melynda O'Hara
Kathryn Olivieri
Kanesha Patrick
Chelsea Payne
Emily Pelehach
Brandi Prochazka
Nico Reeves
Lakeshia Reid
Gabriel Revnew
Erik Rhoten
Jacob Ross
Stephanie Rubino
Anna Rudd
Andrea Saca
Isaac Schmidt
Jeff Stencel
Mike Stobbe
Melissa Sturtzel
Haruna Suzuki
Natalie Watson
Ahmad Williams
Mary Yow
Nic Zaleski

What's Happening

We know what works for the college market. We'll keep you informed about the latest college marketing trends, techniques, and what's happening at The AroundCampus Group. See All News

AroundCampus Group Welcomes 750 College Students for Annual Sales Foundations Academy

Chapel Hill, NC, May 25, 2016—Last week 750 college students representing over 250…

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AroundCampus Group Acquires UConnection to Scale Digital Solution to 250 College Campuses by Fall 2016

AroundCampus Group, LLC, a national leader in print advertising and marketing services for…

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Glassdoor Names John O'Brien A Highest Rated CEO

Our employees are the ones to thank today as John O’Brien is named one of the highes…

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