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We’re passionate, fresh college-enthusiasts dedicated to connecting the campus community. Meet Everyone

Paulette Barbee
Anna Bowland
Joe Bright
Cyntra Brown
Chip Crawford
Lauren Criswell
Nate Curtis
Madisson DeLisle
Kelsey diGirolamo
Tiffany Dougherty
Neely Droessler
Jacqueline Dunn
Virginia Dutton
Keri Efird
Libby Frost
Miranda Gardner
Alex Gates
Sean Guy
Rachel Hanley
John Hardy
Rebecca Harris
Sherry Holt
Juan Hurtado
Lauren Kalin
Brienna Lacey
Brett Leumas
Megan Lyle
Janelle Mason
Alex McComber
Chris Muckey
John O'Brien
Kade O'Connor
Melynda O'Hara
Kathryn Olivieri
Arlene Orth
Chelsea Payne
Emily Pelehach
Brandi Prochazka
Clauida Quiros
Nico Reeves
Ellie Regevsky
Gabriel Revnew
Erik Rhoten
Jacob Ross
Brittany Roth
Jeff Stencel
Mike Stobbe
Melissa Sturtzel
Haruna Suzuki
Lauren Talyor
Healea Taylor
Mary Yow

What's Happening

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AC Names 2015 1st Quarter MVP: Kathryn Olivieri

  Kathryn with the AC Pride Committee. From left to right: Kelsey di Girolamo, Lauren …

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The AroundCampus Group Celebrates 41st Anniversary As It Prepares For Summer Interns

The AroundCampus Group (AC), a nationwide college-based marketing company, is excited to cel…

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Kevin’s Cruisers: MDA Muscle Walk 2015

  Muscular Dystrophy affects over 1,500 families in Eastern North Carolina. One of…

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