University Directories becomes The AroundCampus Group



CHAPEL HILL, NC—University Directories—the nation’s leading collegiate media and marketing company—will enter the New Year with a new name, The AroundCampus Group. The new name encompasses the company’s dedication not only to its print and digital collegiate publications, but also to its commitment to connecting the college community at large.  

“We’ve been working in the college market for 40 years, and our products are constantly evolving,” said John O’Brien, President of The AroundCampus Group. “We customize, redesign, and improve our products and our company regularly, and this name change is a reflection of that passion.” 

On Monday, The AroundCampus Group celebrated the name change with several company-wide events that began with office decorations and gifts for the team using the new logo .. Other events included each full time employee giving a minute-long “Presidential Speech” to O’Brien about their ideas for the company moving forward into the year, and an after-hours social where employees had a chance to sign a charter celebrating their role in the change. 

 Team members were equally enthusiastic, “We are proud of what we have done as a company in the past and our legacy on college campuses, and we are excited to celebrate what’s to come as part of The AroundCampus Group,” said Mike Althoff, Director of Campus Marketing. 

Over the past four decades, University Directories, LLC (UD) has utilized its sales expertise and relationships in the higher education market to expand into new products and services. Established in 1974, UD first connected campus communities through its campus directories and handbooks. Since its founding, UD has expanded its markets to over 250 campuses and has expanded its product line with campus visitor guides, student day planners, the AroundCampus™ mobile app and website, athletic media guides, and the Campus Marketing division—which provides businesses and brands with an avenue to place brand ambassadors in and around college campuses. 

Today, The AroundCampus Group is the nation’s largest college-obsessed media and marketing company, publishing over 300 AroundCampus™ daily planners, campus handbooks and directories, as well as curating the AroundCampus™ digital experience.

“We are college-obsessed. Our goal is to enable relationships with the college market and the greater campus community, and we do this by producing relevant media and facilitating meaningful moments for college students to encounter, experience, and engage with exceptional brands,” O’Brien said.

Over the past 40 years, The AroundCampus Group’s media portfolio has been a valuable advertising vehicle for local, regional, and national businesses to engage the campus community. Over the next 40 years and beyond, The AroundCampus platform will continue to meet students where they are, when they are listening, to facilitate meaningful brand exposure and engagement.