UD Names 1st Quarter 2013 MVP: Arlene Orth

Arlene Winner

Arlene Orth is UD’s first quarter Most Valuable Player as chosen by all the staff members in the company. She is the poster star of our company values. She was nominated by an overwhelming record number of people. Why? Look at our values and look at the winner.

Our Customer is Boss
If you follow our Arlene in a day’s work, you’ll find the notion of “customer” is a bit fuzzy. To our Arlene, a customer includes vendors, advertisers, students, partners, and schools and each of them gets 110%. Former interns have expressed shock to have a tireless advocate working the Career Partner network to help them secure interviews. She spends weekend coaching, judging, and networking at Pi Sigma Epsilon events building awareness for UD opportunities. Rare advertiser issues are managed at stealth speed as Arlene has a keen ability to see the bigger UD picture in any situation. She embraces the concept of servant leadership, working for them, whoever “them” might be in the moment.

Demonstrated Commitment to Excellence
Excellence begins with recruitment of the right people. It’s a numbers game. The more candidates we interview, the better our choices and Arlene leads all RM’s in candidates interviewed this season. Jim Pacholke preaches about multi-faceted recruiting planning and Arlene sets the example. A Division Manager commented that he was exhausted after a recruiting trip with her, with all the speaking engagements and interviews that Arlene had scheduled. If she has a problem, it is not stopping at excellence, but trying for perfection.

Created or Championed an Idea to Facilitate Better, Cheaper, Faster Ways to Achieve Our Objectives
She created or championed ideas to facilitate better, cheaper, faster that have improved the Career Partner’s program. Then, with her creative leadership, we have attracted four new partners, enhanced marketing materials and have a plan continue to deliver results to our coveted partners.

Accountable for Outcomes
Give her a goal, deadline, task and it will be accomplished. No questions asked. Let’s recap: President’s Club in 2012, 1st RM to hit recruiting goal in 2013, ISD success, and significant growth of our Career Partners program. One teammate commented that our MVP makes her want to work harder and stay positive.

Showed Above and Beyond Job Description to Support Others
Crushing goals and hitting them early are not reasons for Arlene to relax and celebrate. She then gets to work eagerly helping others reach their goals company-wide. She is always the first to pitch in to help. After a successful summer she headed to TX, CA, and PA, three markets not in her region, took on a role in Inside Sales, volunteered to do recruiting email campaigns for fellow RMs, and addresses incompletes and approvals. Whether emails, high-fives, or spirit parades, you can count on her to have the right blend of support to help others reach their goals. She makes us all better.

Demonstrates Upbeat, Positive, Optimistic Leadership
Has Arlene ever had a bad day? She has a winning attitude, has remarkable empathy and knows when it’s time to coordinate a Fiesta Friday or playing some Demi Lovato.

Congrats to our MVP for 1st Quarter 2013, Arlene Orth!