Seasons of Campus Marketing

As the weather changes and the Spring semester is in full bloom, we are just entering into the second of six high-seasons in the campus marketing year. Successful college marketers know that developing a campus marketing plan for how best to reach college students during different parts of the year is critical to a successful campaign.

The most obvious breakdown to the college marketing year is the semester. However, within the Spring and Fall semesters of each year, our experience has revealed three distinct time periods that are especially important within each.

seasons of campus marketing

Spring Peak has arrived! Is your brand represented at spring break destinations? What is your first-day -of-shorts-weather plan on the campus quad? As students are preparing for spring break trips and returning from their expeditions far and wide, is there an opportunity to engage them during these transitions?

Here at The AroundCampus Group, we believe in engaging the college segment where they are, when they’re listening, and communicating with them in their language. As the school year unfolds, inevitably, your message and your method have to adapt to the realities of college life. Preparing for each of these high points in the context of the campuses and the geographies of your target college markets is pre-planning that pays off.

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