Replicating Big Company Student Ambassador Programs

Student Ambassador Programs are not just for the gargantuan companies of the Fortune 50.  With the right partner and the appropriate campaign program, companies of any size can successfully utilize a student brand ambassador program to build their brand on college campuses.

Earlier this week, I came across an article outlining the benefits of Student Ambassador Programs from the perspective of recruiting and broader brand-building on campus.  By “creating a formalized program to train and develop students, giving them the opportunity to socialize and share ideas with like-minded students, and providing them with some incentives to stay active” brands like Apple, Microsoft, and Google are making inroads in the college segment.  Each of these three example companies has established a division within their organization to manage their Student Ambassador Program in-house.

college students representing awesome brands

So what about the thousands of other companies that could benefit from the peer-to-peer, word-of-mouth marketing that comes from a Student Ambassador Program? Even if you don’t have a blockbuster budget or the internal infrastructure to build a division around reaching students, there are options and companies for you.

Here at The AroundCampus Group, we’ve worked with dozens of companies over the past few years to implement exactly this – companies get their ambassador program and scale their brand on campuses across the country, and we provide the campaign program and day to day management to ensure successful execution.  Here are just a few of the companies we’ve worked with recently

Whether you’re an established Fortune 500 company or just breaking into the marketplace, if the college demographic is an important demographic for you (and we’d argue it should be for most companies), our campus marketing solutions can empower you with scale and marketing efficiencies that only companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft can afford to build on their own.

The article referenced above outlines some of the key features of successful Student Ambassador Programs:

  • Seek students who are highly motivated…and connected on campus
  • Think about the program structure and ideal outcomes
  • Give participants a chance to meet – and make it fun!
  • Encourage independence AND interdependence
  • Be super selective

Even if I tried, I couldn’t come up with a better list to describe the points of emphasis we make with and for each of our clients.  We don’t hire and hope; we select and train our AroundCampus Ambassadors to execute on a campus marketing campaign that gives them enough direction to meet the defined goals but sufficient independence to customize the campaign to their campus culture. 

Are you interested in learning more about our College Student Ambassador Program capabilities or other Campus Marketing Solution?  Give us a shout!