AC Names 2015 1st Quarter MVP: Kathryn Olivieri

 Kathryn with the AC Pride Team

Kathryn with the AC Pride Committee. From left to right: Kelsey di Girolamo, Lauren Criswell, Kathryn Olivieri, John O'Brien, Sade Gilbert, Arlene Orth and Keri Efird.

Kathryn Olivieri is AC’s first quarter Most Valuable Player, as voted on by the company. It’s no wonder colleagues regularly and naturally salute her leadership, contributions, and work habits and consider her an incredible asset to The AroundCampus Group. Kathryn truly embodies the values of our company:

Our customer is boss. Juggling advertisers and partner schools is Kathryn’s forte. With one of the fastest communication-turnarounds in the department, and always with a tidy inbox, she recognizes that quick communication reduces errors and facilitates great customer relationships.

Our MVP goes above and beyond job description to support the team or teammate. There are countless examples of Kathryn’s willingness to do all it takes to support others. One of the more recent projects she completed was the creation of a training notebook for new project managers. It was a huge undertaking and will be a valuable training tool for future production members. Kathryn’s mantra is to leave things better than she found them.

We’re an idea company! Created or championed an idea to facilitate better, cheaper, faster ways to achieve our objective. Where do we start? Thanks to Kathryn, we have a new company blog bringing structure, content and exposure to our great organization.

Our MVP demonstrates a commitment to excellence. We all know that we judge a book by its cover. So, we all benefit from having Kathryn leading our annual planner cover submission contest and calendar page designs.

 Accountable for outcomes! Give her a deadline and expect early delivery. Whether it’s delivering books to press, completing a graphics request or contacting customers, you can count on Kathryn to meet the goal. In the summer, when you’re still hitting your snooze button, Kathryn has already been at work for two hours.

 She is an upbeat, positive, and optimistic leader. Kathryn is always positive, always helpful, and always willing to lend a hand or pass on design knowledge. She is the quintessential teammate we all strive to emulate.

 Congratulations to Kathryn Olivieri!