AroundCampus Group Acquires UConnection to Scale Digital Solution to 250 College Campuses by Fall 2016


AroundCampus Group, LLC, a national leader in print advertising and marketing services for college students and communities, announced the acquisition of UConnection, Inc. today.  UConnection is a leading dining and nightlife mobile app for college students.  "This acquisition gives AroundCampus Group a well-developed app with a significant user base that most certainly will drive value for our local merchants and housing providers,” said John O’Brien, President of AroundCampus Group. “It’s part of our strategy to serve our customers 365 days a year.” 

Students use UConnection to enjoy exclusive deals, daily specials, reviews and more from all the dining and nightlife venues in college towns.  “We focus on providing a great user experience for students including awesome deals,” said Zach Hunter, CEO and Co-Founder of UConnection. “While we dominate the North Carolina region, we are excited to become part of AroundCampus to rapidly expand across the nation.”  Zach Hunter and his co-founder, Taylor Meyer, will continue under the new ownership. 

AroundCampus is well known for its annual Sales Foundation Academy, a rigorous product and sales training program for over 750 college interns across 250 campuses. Managed by experienced regional managers, the interns represent the most formidable sales force in the nation serving small businesses and housing providers near college campuses.  “With AroundCampus, we will be the number one college deals app in the country this fall, serving thousands of merchants and millions of students and faculty” said Tom Kuehle, President of UConnection. “Students love to save money, and merchants desire a mobile connection with their customers.”