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The Details

  • Paid summer internship from May to August
  • Approximately 25 internship positions available
  • Extensive training in May 2017
  • Seminars on portfolio and resume building as well as team-building activities offered
  • Fall 2017 work may be available based on summer performance


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Internship Overview

Work in a dynamic, young environment this summer and gain professional experience. We offer summer internships allowing you to design ads that target the college market, edit artwork, or copy-edit and manage the workflow of the Production Department.

Available Positions

Visual Concept Designer

The Visual Concept Designer role is ideal for individuals who can produce creative solutions and visions easily and with excitement. At AroundCampus, our designers create more than 13,000 print and digital advertisements every summer that will promote thousands of business’ professionally and effectively. Our interns gain valuable knowledge of the client versus designer relationship while also getting to flex their creative freedom. Our processes push our interns to explore and expand their creative capacities while ensuring that each of our clients receive an advertisement that is not only unique to their business, but targets students and consumers across our marketing platforms. This position is a great opportunity for individuals interested in developing their skills in graphic design and advertising.

Digital Asset Coordinator

Digital Asset Coordinators will need advanced photo and graphic editing skills to complete their day-to-day tasks. They will focus heavily on recreating low quality logos from our customers and designing graphic elements for advertisements. Coordinators will also support and mentor our other internship positions due to the high skill level required in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Other responsibilities include but are not limited to: organizing our Digital Asset Library and handling graphic requests for our UConnection markets. During the busiest weeks of the internship Coordinators may assist in designing advertisements and proofing layouts. Last year our Coordinators used their creativity and technical skills to recreate over 2,000 logos and images. This position is a great opportunity for individuals interested in developing and sharing their skills in graphic design.

Operations Specialist

Operation Specialists are the gears that keep the internship running smoothly and efficiently. In fact, the production process begins and ends with our Operations Specialists. They are responsible for managing and distributing the workflow of the production department as well as copyediting advertisements, proofing layouts, and making sure our products meet quality control standards. Last year, our Operations Specialists assigned over 19,000 tasks to our interns, and copy-edited and proofed over 200 publications. This position is a great opportunity for people interested in learning about advertising and basic design principles as well as developing their writing, editing and project management skills.

Project Design Specialist

The Project Design Specialist position is a great match for highly talented designers who thrive in a fast paced environment and feel comfortable and confident working on multiple projects at once. Design Specialists work primarily on revising and recreating advertisements for our customers. They also work closely with other departments to acquire the client’s approval of their ad. Other responsibilities include but are not limited to: designing advertisements, editing graphics, designing logos, assembling and proofing layouts, and assisting with a handful of other projects. Last summer, our Project Design Specialists, revised and created over 8,700 advertisements.

This position requires strong organizational skills, a detail-oriented mind, the ability to multi-task, self-motivate, and the ability to work productively in a deadline-oriented environment. Strong verbal and interpersonal communication skills are a must. We also require experience in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

Publication Specialist

The Publication Specialists occupy a unique role in the production department. They will work closely with our Project Manager team to design university-specific planner materials, prep files for press, and proof for accuracy. Publication Specialists will grow not only their graphic design skills in this position, but also their editorial and technical design base. Their front cover and introductory page designs are featured in thousands of copies of our planners, so attention-to-detail and accuracy are highly valued. This position requires the ability to work independently and thoroughly in a fast-paced environment while also effectively communicating progress and updates to other team members. We require experience in Adobe InDesign. This is a great opportunity for those interested in gaining design experience while also exploring project management, editing and print publishing. 


Ideal for undergraduate students, but all applicants are reviewed and considered. If any of these internships sound like a good fit for you, please fill out the application here.

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“This internship was a really good experience for me. I got real-world experience, added to my portfolio and resume, met some fun people, brushed up on my design skills, and even got paid! I really enjoyed this internship and it exceeded my expectations.”

“This internship was such a wonderful opportunity. I loved coming to work everyday. My fellow interns and managers were so pleasant to be around. I learned a lot about production processes and about working in a professional office setting. This is by far my favorite job that I’ve had. Thank you for a great summer!”

“I learned so much and met some great people this summer. The AroundCampus Group is a great place to work and treats interns with so much respect. A 10 out of 10!”

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