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To us, college is all about the experience. You see students locked away in the library or lab and they look like a caged animal at the zoo. A party animal, but nonetheless IN A ZOO. But this exact passion for college is why AroundCampus is so epic. We don't do high school. We don't do adulting. We don't do boring. We do college and only college. We have put painstaking effort into the college experience…can you say “Victory Lap”? We have made this site for the toughest critics outside of our biochem professors and parents - ourselves.

“And after years of development and fine tuning, we have finally emerged with a website that meets - nay, exceeds - our highest standards. If this were a peer graded project…it’d be an A+ (except that ONE person in every know the one).”

Simply put, AroundCampus is the best college website out there. Hilarious, informative, entertaining in class, and most of all flat out awesome, AroundCampus is everything the college experience should be and more. We are Thirsty Thursday. We are Greek Life. We are tailgating. We are Sunday Fundays. We’re like nothing before. Don't take our word for it, though, see for yourself. You’ll thank us later.

As A Contributor You Will:

  • Spread the word: You'll be responsible for growing our user base by promoting on your campus and actively sharing content on social media
  • Be out and about: This is NOT a desk job! You will be tapped into the college scene and writing about college life on your campus
  • Work flexible hours: We get it, life is hectic. There is no set schedule, work at your own pace on your own time
  • Act and think like a journalist. Pursue the stories that matter to students
  • Attend regularly scheduled webinars with management to share ideas with other contributors across the country and expand your skillset
  • Work closely with a full time management to develop marketing ideas for your campus
  • Develop a social media strategy for your campus and help run social media accounts*

*If selected to be a social media associate

We Want People Who Are:

  • AWESOME individuals to work with
  • Passionate for their campus
  • Self-starters
  • Experienced in journalism, public relations, event planning, & marketing
  • Clear and effective communicators (responsive to emails)
  • Possess impeccable writing and editing skills
  • Detail oriented

What’s In It For You:

  • Course Credit: If applicable, we will work with you and your professors to make sure you can get credit for your work with
  • Resume Builder: we will help you build your resume to help land the job of your dreams!
  • Incentives: this is an unpaid internship but we offer incentive programs to put a little cash in your pocket

Internship Qualifications:

  • Computer with basic understanding of Microsoft Office and/or WordPress
  • Journalism experience preferred but not required