BrandonABrandon Aksteter, University of Maryland, 2014
The AroundCampus Group internship gives you WAY more than just sales experience. The Sales Foundations Academy training in Chapel Hill, NC gave me the excitement and the push I needed to dive into a challenging summer. You'll work hard, you'll sweat, and you'll definitely hear a lot of nos. But the support from your managers and the relationships you'll build with your team make it completely worth it. I'll never forget the summer I had with AC. I'm now able to apply so many of the skills I learned to almost any job that comes my way, and have quantifiable results to back me up. Don't miss your opportunity to challenge yourself with this internship. You won't regret it.



John Atwater, Oakland University, 2014
I started the internship as a communication major and knew nothing about sales. The training combined with the managers prepared me for the summer in the best possible way. Because of them and our team chemistry, we met our team goal of $62,000 and became the highest selling team in Oakland's history. This experience has pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow as a person. The friends and connections I have made throughout the summer will carry with me through my life. I couldn't have asked for a better learning experience and will always recommend the outside sales internship to anyone that wants to learn and grow to be a well-rounded person.

 Justin ColeJustin Cole, University of Northern Iowa, 2014
The experience, opportunities and relationships that the AroundCampus Group presents to college students are priceless. Before this internship I had no clue what I wanted to do when I graduated or what career field I wanted to pursue. After completing the AroundCampus Group internship I have no doubt in my mind that sales is what I want to do when I graduate. Not only did the AroundCampus Group help me decide on a career path, it also prepared me for "the real world," not just specifically the real world of sales but the real world of business. Cold/door-to-door sales is the toughest type of sales but the AroundCampus Group prepares you for this experience and gives you all of the tools you need to be successful. Because of the AroundCampus Group I have gone from a student with average work experience to a student with outstanding work experience. My internship with the AroundCampus Group has truly changed my career and even my life.

 Amanda CrandellAmanda Crandell, Northern Michigan University, 2014
This internship was the best experience of my life. Going into it being shy, I was afraid I wasn't the right person for the position. As the summer went on and I became more confident, learning new and improved skills, I felt like a new person. I grew up and now feel like I am ready for a real world job. This is hard. Period. It won't be a breeze and you will have to work your way to the top, but it's so worth it. After the day is done you feel like you accomplished so much. This company and job made me realize what my potential was, opened my eyes to new experiences, and improved my professional skills so much. Go all in with this job. AC DreamTeam!


Eric FigliuoloEric Figliuolo, University of Pennsylvania, 2014
If I could give advice to next year's interns, I would tell them to look where they are at training because they are going to come out of this summer as a completely different person.  Also, this job set me up for a job after college.  Employers love how this job looks on a resume.

Christine FrezzoChristine Frezzo, Shippensburg University, 2014
My experience with AroundCampus has been one the most rewarding experiences thus far in my life. It is a huge challenge and commitment that is totally worth it in the end. Looking at many other internship opportunities, AroundCampus caught my eye because of its huge network of interns across the country, national sales academy, and unique first hand experience it leaves you with. My best advice would be to not cherry pick, build a bond with your team, and to put all you have into the experience. You have so many great people and tools at your disposal that are more than willing to help. It is also great that after completing the internship, so many companies recognize AroundCampus and know how credible it is. Overall, AroundCampus prepares you for great success in the business world.


KadyKady Huber, Slipperyrock University, 2014
My experience at AroundCampus Group was phenomenal. I acquired a set of skills that I could not find in the classroom. This internship taught me to stay motivated and work with a team of peers to reach goals that at one point seemed impossible. This was such a rewarding summer for me.



Michael LaraMichael Lara, University of North Texas, 2014
First off, I made the best decision of my life taking this internship. Ill go ahead and let you know that it was challenging every step of the way but it made you work to be successful. Since taking the internship I have learned many skill sets about myself and grew in confidence. Every day on the job you learn to progress in some way and when it happens you feel amazing. Management and my teammates helped me every step of the way. When the going gets tough turn to them, they won't let you down. The best part of AC is the family you immediately become a part of. You'll forever be a part of this great company and have many new friends afterwards.


 JillianJillian McDonough, University of Albany, 2014
My experience with AC was unforgettable and I cannot believe how much I've grown as a person because of it. Many business owners this past summer told me "if you can do sales, you can do anything." This really motivated me and made me realize how lucky I was to attend the nationally recognized training that is held in North Carolina and everything else that AC has taught me through the webinar, ride-alongs, and emails. This internship prepares you for anything that will come your way for the rest of your life. Be prepared to have a blast at training and don't expect to sleep much! Be prepared to make life-long friendships and bonds with your entire region and more.

CatherinePCatherine Phan, Wichita State University, 2014
Being an intern with the AroundCampus Group was a solid choice for my future. The opportunity to travel to Chapel Hill, North Carolina and train with so many individuals like me was the most rewarding experience of my life thus far. Networking within the company and with the businesses in the area assisted my chances of working in my community or land me a job in my desired destination. I developed a stronger sense of my abilities and strengths and I was able to enhance and hone in on them throughout the summer. I would recommend anyone interested in this internship to take it and run with it. You will be so pleased with where you'll end up if you put your best effort into it.


MikeRMike Reisman, University of Pennsylvania, 2014
This internship was the first real job I had where I felt like I was making a real impact, not just with the Around Campus Group, but also with the people and businesses I was selling to. It was a very tough internship, but I came away feeling like I was actually able to help a lot of businesses build their brand with with students, and found that I really like sales. It gave me incredible transferrable skills that I talk about constantly with recruiters, and I don't think I could have picked a better first internship.


EvanREvan Reseska, Brown University, 2014
I have never had an internship like the one I've had with the AroundCampus Group. It was challenging, it was exciting, and overall it was rewarding. Bringing in each and every sale was the best victory, and having my regional manager be there every step of the way was just incredible. You will LEARN to be the best sales person out there, and will use the skills you develop in this internship for the rest of your life.


 KimJagdeep Saini, San Jose State University, 2014
The Around Campus Group is a whirlwind of awesomeness! Over the summer you not only learn how to be a great sales rep, you learn how to form a connection with business owners and help them fulfill their needs for their business. There were ups and downs throughout the summer and with them you learn how to motivate yourself even more to succeed. I am glad I went on this ride with the AC group; it changes your outlook on life itself, whether you go into sales or not. Thank you, Around Campus Group and its amazing reps for the experience.


 MitchellMitchell Smyth, University of Minnesota Duluth, 2014
This is more than an internship, it is a basis for your career. Everything from the real life experiences, actual responsibility,extensive list of career partners, and the nationally recognized training program not only help you succeed in this internship, but unlock a future that will be brighter than you ever imagined.  



JalondaJalonda Spencer, University of Central Florida, 2014
The twelve weeks I spent as an intern for AC were the most challenging yet rewarding of my life. I couldn't have asked for a more impactful experience. As I gained incredibly valuable sales knowledge I also learned about myself. If there is anything I'd offer to future interns it is to commit, be persistent, and trust the process.



AllisonZAllison ZImmer, University of Michigan, 2014
My internship with the AroundCampus Group was unforgettable. The amount of sales and real-world business experience that I received through the AC program cannot match any other internship, especially for college students. Whether you want to go into sales or not, I highly recommend taking this internship because you will need sales experience throughout your life no matter what your degree is. It is so important to be able to communicate, problem solve, and adapt to any given situation. This program will teach you many life skills in order to be successful. I have found through this internship the power of organization, personal ability, strategy, and persistence. I have grown so much as a young professional through this program and I know I would not have been able to have this experience anywhere else. It is not only a summer filled with real world experience but also one with irreplaceable memories. Take this opportunity and you won't regret it!