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Campus Marketing

We facilitate meaningful moments for college students across the U.S. to encounter, experience, and engage with YOUR brand. 

The linchpin of our campus marketing capabilities is our student Brand Ambassadors, marketing maniacs who love their campus, know the ins-and-outs of their college town, and thrive in their classrooms and campus clubs. 

Ambassadors are pre-selected and highly trained to ensure your brand meets students where they are, when they’re listening, and communicates with them in their language.

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From sampling to custom events - we have you covered!

Our AroundCampus Ambassadors can facilitate a host of services on their campuses:

  • Flyering & chalking
  • Clipboarding
  • On and off-campus tabling
  • Guerilla marketing
  • Organic social media
  • Sampling
  • New user acquisition
  • Movie & TV show screening
  • Event sponsorship
  • Classroom & organization talks
  • Dorm parties & tailgates
  • Recruiting & staffing
  • Market research
  • Custom events & promotions
  • Product launch
  • College tours
  • Professor outreach
  • Swag boxes
  • Contests
  • Door hangers
  • Campus ad placements
  • Back to School events

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The Campus Marketing Process

You've realized the college market is important to your brand but you don’t know the first thing about how to reach them – the AroundCampus Group is the perfect partner to execute your college marketing plan. 

We operate recognizing two important principles about marketing to college students:

1. Every client is unique.
2. Every campus marketing campaign is unique.

To help navigate these realities, we follow a feedback-intensive campaign production process that ensures each step of the way you, your brand, and the AroundCampus Group are working towards achieving common goals.

College marketing feedback loop

Our Work

Over the years, AroundCampus has had the privilege of helping some of the best companies engage the college segment.  Check out our approach here: Case Studies.

Campus Marketing Logos

Want to engage the college market? Have questions? Give us a shout.