I received a bill and was told I would not have to pay until summer.

Invoices are automatically generated when your ad order is placed into our system. Additionally, statements are sent each month with your remaining balance. Payment is due upon delivery of the publication to campus.

I got a proof in the mail but I need to make changes to it. How should I handle that?

We ask that advertisers make corrections to their ad/listing directly on the proof and either fax or mail it back to us. To ensure accuracy, we prefer to not take corrections over the phone. You may also submit new files, logos, pictures or instructions on this page under "Upload Artwork." 

Why do I have to submit changes to my advertisement via fax or e-mail instead of having someone take my changes over the phone?

We like to retain copies of your advertising proofs for our records. Also, having a copy of your corrections in front of us while we make the changes ensures that you receive an accurate, updated advertising proof. 

Why can’t I cancel my ad? I just signed up a few days ago and nothing has been done for it.

Per the terms of your agreement, all sales are final. There is no three-day grace period after signing the contract during which the contract can be canceled. The majority of work on advertisements is completed within the first two weeks of the contract being signed.

I thought the directories would be on campus for the first day of class.

The AroundCampus Group works with each university to design a production schedule and delivery date. This date cannot be guaranteed, as we must wait on the submission of all materials from the school. Books are guaranteed to be delivered within 30 days of receipt and approval of the white-page information from the schools. Once the books are printed, a copy will be mailed to each advertiser. For a market with both a planner and directory, the planners will be delivered near the beginning of the school year and typically the directories follow later in the fall/winter.

I got my copy of the book and my ad is incorrect. Can I get a full refund?

We apologize for any errors that may have been made. We cannot answer this question until we have done research to determine how the mistake occurred. Once complete, an explanation and adjustment amount (if warranted) will be provided. Please contact our office at 1-800-743-5556 to discuss your situation and we will open a claim.

Why does my proof look blurry?

Either your artwork was sent to us below our recommended resolution or your computer is not showing a correct representation of your ad. You can print out your ad to get a better idea, but please note that colors will vary on final press copies of your advertisement. If your ad still prints blurry, please let us know.

How are publications distributed on campus?

Each year we ask our schools to provide information on how they distribute their books. They are required to deliver the books within a certain time frame and to certain groups of people. In most cases, the directories are delivered to students and faculty through the campus mail system and/or are placed in common areas for pickup.

When I try to submit artwork through your website the files will not go through and I never receive a confirmation e-mail.

Your file may be too large or we could be experiencing technical difficulties with our website. You can try to e-mail your artwork directly to us at artwork@aroundcampus.com. Please include your business name and the name of the University/College you are advertising with. 

If you still have questions you may contact us at 800-743-5556 during our regular business hours of Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm Eastern Time.